[maemo-developers] proposal for a Maemo Italian Long Weekend

From: Roberto Teixeira jose.robertoteixeira at gmail.com
Date: Sun Nov 22 21:31:07 EET 2009
Andrea, Well, I'm Brazilian. I live in Recife, Pernambuco, in Brazil there
are also major events, lists, forum that you could send. When you have
something concrete, I mobilized the people, OK?anything put on my blog.

 Send Off-Topic list for the Maemo, who would like to participate.
Roberto Teixeira


2009/11/22 Andrea Borgia <andrea at borgia.bo.it>

> Roberto Teixeira wrote:
> > Create a site, and makes a poll, example:
> > Would you like to participate Event Maemo Italy?
> > , you can measure, total number of people to the event;)
> > Now, I have interest.
> Was a poll created for the Barcelona event? I believe adding yourself to
> the wiki page and replying to the thread on t.m.o. would be enough.
> Anyone else feels I should add a poll? I'm especially interested in
> hearing from people who have experience with past events.
> A.

José Roberto Teixeira
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