[maemo-developers] why is gtk20-l10n package in 'non-free' ?

From: Christian Persch chpe at gnome.org
Date: Tue Nov 24 20:17:05 EET 2009

I had a look at the
packages file, and was amazed to find the gtk+ translations in there.
Its source package appears to be
— in 'free' !

The package's copyright file says:
This package (gtk20-l10n) was created by Nokia
L10n Team, contact <l10n at maemo.org> for questions.

Based on the Gtk+ translations.
The original translations are under the LGPL.

Firstly, this doesn't clearly say which licence this package pretends to
be available under. 

More importantly, these translations are 'based on'
the original gtk translations, which are LGPL2+, and they are
translations of strings that are LGPL2+ since gtk+ is LGPL2+. As
translations are derived works, these translations are themselves
clearly [L]GPL too.

So this package should be in 'free'.

Finally, the source .tar.gz is missing a copy of the LGPL.

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