[maemo-developers] Can't debug an application under FREMANTLE_ARMEL target in Scratchbox

From: Sun Yalong Yalong.Sun at digia.com
Date: Wed Nov 25 03:41:35 EET 2009

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>On Tue, Nov 24, 2009 at 07:55:47PM +0300, Burka Victor wrote:
>> I'm trying to debug very simple application under FREMANTLE_ARMEL
>> target and can't do that.
>The armel target is not meant to actually run or debug applications,
>but only to compile them to use in the device.
>If you want to debug your apps inside scratchbox, use the x86 target

Yes, and there is another way to run your app in Scratchbox. To run emulator first then run your app inside the emulator. And it works for Diablo. I have not touched Fremantle but be curious that it should be a similar one there.


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