[maemo-developers] Updating the info for Extras-devel non-free

From: Jeremiah Foster jeremiah at jeremiahfoster.com
Date: Wed Nov 25 15:14:10 EET 2009
> We have had an ad-hoc solution which basically is that Niels takes care of non-free.
>>> Yet there are several non-free packages in extras-devel & extras-
>>> testing
>>> / Extras. Can someone please update the wiki information reflecting the
>>> current practice for Maemo 5?

I will try and make it clear: there is no actual information or policy on the procedure of non-free packages and testing. Certainly not as communicated to me. Generally what happens is people are told to get in touch with Niels and he uploads the binaries to non-free. 

Here is the relevant line that I believe X-fade added regarding this: "There is no promotion available for non-free. You need to upload yourpackage to the right repository yourself." When he states 'promotion' he is referring to extras-testing. 

> This may require long discussions on what is non-free and why it should be there. Perhaps the current ad-hoc situation is preferable. 
>>> We are seeing more questions about this and actually the current
>>> information is misleading since it suggests that non-free packages can
>>> bypass the Extras-testing QA process, which is not true.
> I am hesitant here, some of the testing process may require source packages, either now or in the future. I am not certain that non-free packages deserve to get all the free quality assurance that the community provides. I think they should be grateful that they are included at all and if they want to go through testing, they need to at least provide a source package.

It is preferable that we make sure the wiki reflects reality rather than just changing things on the fly. This page; http://wiki.maemo.org/Uploading_to_Extras-devel#.22non-free.22_packages stated that non-free packages go through the same testing procedure as free packages. This is not the case. 

Let's wait until Niels comes back so that he can explain exactly what his code does, then we can decide if we want to change the policy.

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