[maemo-developers] hildon animation

From: kyle cronan kyle at pbx.org
Date: Thu Nov 26 06:24:00 EET 2009

Is there some code you would recommend I look at in order to
understand how to do animated window transitions using the Hildon API?
 I assume this is going to involve the AnimationActor objects?  What
I'd like to do is use HildonTouchSelectors to implement a menu so that
when you make a selection the window with the new menu slides in from
the right, and when you tap the back button the old window slides back
in from the left.  Just like in the media player app, for example.

Hildon doesn't seem to have utility functions for setting up timelines
and transforms like Clutter does.  Is this implemented separately in
each application or is there some other library I'm not aware of?

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