[maemo-developers] how to adjust padding of HildonTouchSelectorColumn's private panarea?

From: Claudio Saavedra csaavedra at igalia.com
Date: Thu Nov 26 13:18:53 EET 2009
El jue, 26-11-2009 a las 04:42 -0600, kyle cronan escribió:
> Hi everyone,
> It looks like the hildon_touch_selector_append_column function has a
> hard-coded padding of 6 pixels around the column's panarea, which gets
> added to the selector's internal hbox widget.  Is there any way I
> could override this without pulling private structure definitions out
> of the libhildon code? 

I think this is done this way since the very first demos of the widget,
I don't think it's possible to override it.

>  Media player managed to do it somehow: the
> selector entries go all the way to the edges of the screen and it
> looks really nice.

I suspect they might not be using HildonTouchSelector at all, but just a
GtkTreeView inside a pannable.


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