[maemo-developers] Debhelper 7

From: Teemu Ikonen tpikonen at gmail.com
Date: Sat Nov 28 15:51:40 EET 2009

I'm trying to compile / port some C libraries from Debian to Maemo 5.
The actual compilation goes without problems, but the packaging
scripts use the (very nice) command sequencer functionality of
debhelper v. 7, while the SDK has only debhelper 5.

There is an up-to-date 'maemofied' debhelper in maemo.gitorious.org,
but trying to compile it in the SDK fails miserably. The problem seems
to be related to perl, which is also of similar vintage (i.e.
obsolete) in the SDK.

Has anyone else tried or managed to get debhelper 7 running on maemo
5? Having to rewrite the packaging on every library I need would be a
major suck.

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