[maemo-developers] coding in python using os.system ,(works on scratchbox but not on N900), Urgent pls help

From: shampavman shampavman18 at gmail.com
Date: Sun Nov 29 17:36:12 EET 2009
Hi all,

Recently for one of my apps i was using os.system() call. to execute a 
few shell toolkits...

But found out that everything apart from that (all the print statements) 
are working .. but only those with os.system fail..

I have "import os"
weird thing is that it works on scratchbox but now when put onto the phone.

Can any one please help me.. its a bit urgent as well..

if anyone can confirm that something like this..
os.system("ls > process_output.log")
would work , it would be of really great help..

Also if there are any alternatives to using os.system. I would like to 


Shampavman c.g

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