[maemo-developers] Maemo 5 Keymaps - The Saga of Pipe & Tab

From: Roald de Vries nokia at roalddevries.nl
Date: Thu Oct 15 14:25:27 EEST 2009
> > ASCII has has 33 control characters, among which tab and esc. These can be typed in your terminal through control-something. For example, CTRL-I is tab, CTRL-[ is escape, CTRL-H is backspace (destructive) and CTRL-M is enter. This is not really a solution to all the problems, but at least you can type tabs without the on screen keyboard.
> This is not exact. It might work in a terminal emulator, but it is not a universal thing. Tab and Esc are useful in a lot of programs (such as Esc for stop current page loading in a browser, and inserting a Tab in a word processor), and there those CTRL characters do not replace them.

I didn't claim it was a universal thing. It works in a terminal.
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