[maemo-developers] Using Git and garage.maemo.org: Some issues...

From: David King davidk at openismus.com
Date: Mon Oct 26 17:23:52 EET 2009
On 2009-10-26 10:03, Tim Samoff <tim at samoff.com> wrote:
>Over the last couple of days, I've had to become familiar with Git on 
>garage.maemo.org (much thanks to Andrew Flegg) in order to push the www 
>files I've been working on for Hermes.
>Git via terminal is easy enough and all of my commits have gone upstream 
>without a hitch... Well, not completely...
>After committing files, I haven't seen any change to the project webpage 
>(even when the project tree shows that all of the files have been 
>updated). This is after waiting over 2 hours to allow for any Git 
>refresh lag.
>Is there something I'm missing?
>As a last attempt, I've renamed my index file from index.htm to 
>index.html, just in case g.m.o isn't configured to execute .htm files. 
>That's fine, so long as we all know it.

Maybe it's simply that Apache on garage.maemo.org is configured to only
show index.html, and not index.htm when a directory is requested? I can
point my browser at:


and see the "new" site without problems, but:


is still the old design. See:


for documentation on the DirectoryIndex setting (which has index.html as
a default).

>But, my real question is: How long should we have to wait to see changes 
>reflected from out Git commits?

The cron job to update the websites from the www/ path in the Git
repository is run every twenty minutes, I think.

>You can see my progress history here:
>As you'll see, I committed my new files last night, but only figured out 
>that I had to remove the old files this morning. Then, I renamed the 
>index file.

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