[maemo-developers] Python bindings for Qt Mobility APIs now available

From: Matti Airas matti.p.airas at nokia.com
Date: Thu Aug 19 13:32:35 EEST 2010
Are you a Python developer, feeling envious of your C++-coding buddies 
cranking out N900 Qt applications with all those nice Qt Mobility APIs 
[1]? No reason for envy any longer: The PyMaemo/PySide team is proud to 
present PySide Mobility: Python bindings for the Qt Mobility APIs! 
Combining the power of Python and the Nokia-sponsored PySide [2] Qt 
bindings with the capabilities of Qt Mobility, you'll be spewing out 
impressive apps for N900 like never before!

[2] http://www.pyside.org

Available APIs

In this first release for Maemo 5, we have bindings available for the 
following APIs:

- Bearer Management
- Contacts
- Location
- Messaging
- System Information
- Sensors
- Versit

How to install

The PySide Mobility packages are already available in the extras-devel 
repository. If you're a developer and want to install the full set of 
bindings, install the pyside-qt4 and pyside-mobility metapackages.


PySide Mobility API reference documentation is available here:


If you are interested in more generic PySide documentation, peruse this 


If you are a classic PyQt developer, the biggest difference between 
'classic' PyQt and PySide is that PySide only supports the more modern, 
so called PyQt API 2. Other than that (and replacing the PyQt4 import 
statements with PySide), you are likely to be good to go. See PySide 
PSEP 101 for more information on the API differences:



Several example scripts are available at

http://qt.gitorious.org/pyside/pyside-examples .

If you prefer a tarball, you can download it from gitorious as well:


Support & Reporting bugs

Although we have tested the bindings to the best of our ability, we 
cannot expect them to be free of issues altogether. Best ways to contact 
the PySide team are the #pyside @ FreeNode IRC channel and the pyside 
mailing list [3].

If you find any issues you suspect are bugs either in PySide or the 
PySide Mobility bindings, we strongly encourage you to file them at our 
Bugzilla [4].

[3] http://lists.openbossa.org/listinfo/pyside
[4] http://bugs.openbossa.org/

Last but not least: Enjoy! :-)
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