[maemo-developers] Qt Mobility 1.1 for Fremantle

From: Attila Csipa maemo at csipa.in.rs
Date: Wed Dec 29 16:03:38 EET 2010
... and a happy new year !

We have kickstarted a community 'compatibility program' with a little Forum 
Nokia help which will focus on bringing the latest Qt and related tech 
tools/fixes/updates to developers, without having to worry about Nokia release 
schedules and support status. The first component that is released as part of 
this effort is QtMobility 1.1 (as 1.0.2 is getting long in the tooth), 
currently available as libqtm-11-* in extras-devel. If/when a SSU is released 
with 1.1 as the official, these libraries will be replaced with placeholders 
that point to those 1.1 libs. The bleeding edge can always be attained with 
libqtm-experimental which will permanently remain in extras-devel (after we 
test 1.1 this will switch to 1.2, etc). To use these packages you need do to 
CONFIG += mobility11 in your .pro file instead of just 'mobility' (as mobility 
will reference always the official one from the firmware). 

Enjoy (and provide feedback/patches !)

Best regards,
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