[maemo-developers] NokiaSDK (with latest updates): error compiling a QtMobility application for Maemo target

From: Lorenzo Bettini lorenzo.bettini at gmail.com
Date: Thu Jul 1 12:32:28 EEST 2010
On 06/26/2010 09:44 PM, Andrea Grandi wrote:
> Hi,
> On 22 June 2010 22:46, Fred Duarte<fred.duarte at openbossa.org>  wrote:
>> Hi, Andrea.
>> I've had the same issue for a while and I've opened a bug report for it:
>> http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTCREATORBUG-1614
>> In my case, the error occurs only when building projects of template type
>> for maemo using the QtCreator.
>> If this is also your case, then I'm sorry say that currently, non-Desktop
>> builds
>> of 'SUBDIRS' projects are not supported as it says on the end of the bug
>> report.
> sorry for the big delay in replying this email. I really didn't
> understand what SUBDIRS was. Then I looked into my msoma.pro file and
> I found: TEMPLATE=subdirs
> So I cannot use QtCreator/NokiaSDK to build a package, right? Isn't
> there any way to do it? I cannot simply copy the generated executable
> into my N900, because it also need the other libs of my project, and I
> don't want to manually copy all files into the device.
> Would it change anything if I used Scratchbox to compile and build my package?
> Any idea of how to solve my problem? Thanks for your help!

For the moment we managed to switch to a non subdirs template project... 
but we really hope this thing will be fixed soon, since it would be 
better for us to use subdirs :)

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