[maemo-developers] Default SIP calls

From: Kurtis Heimerl kheimerl at cs.berkeley.edu
Date: Sat Jul 10 10:43:21 EEST 2010
Hello Maemo Developers.

I'm trying to get my N900 to make SIP calls the default for the
generic call ui. I just have to make it easy for the user to send all
calls though the sip line (which is connected to a locally running
asterisk interface). This allows me to log some properties about calls
for a research project I'm conducting.

What is the best way to accomplish this goal?

I was hoping that there was a conf file for rtcom-call-ui giving the
available options, but it seems "cell" is a default that's built into
the code. I could build my own version of it lacking that
functionality, but I can't find the source to that package.

The alternative would be removing the phone option, and placing all
calls through a service like fring, which does not support cellular
calls (so far as I know).

Are there any easier alternatives I should be aware of? Has anyone
done this before?

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