[maemo-developers] Attach an icon to an application does not work

From: David King davidk at openismus.com
Date: Thu Jul 15 16:12:38 EEST 2010
On 2010-07-15 14:45, Pierre CLARENC <pierre.crc at gmail.com> wrote:
>I have developed a small program using ESbox. It works well when I execute
>it on my N900.
>I want to attach a specific icon to this program. I use a 48*48 px image
>(PNG format) that I have resized with the GIMP. I use the following command
>to generate a base64 coded image:
>uuencode -m icon.png icon.png > icon_64.base64
>But when I install my deb package on the device, the icon does not work. I
>only have the blue square instead.

The instructions at:


(that you apparently followed) refer to an icon in the application 
manager only. If you wish to have an icon shown in the application menu, 
then you should install it to the correct location (usually 
/usr/share/icons/hicolor/<size> where <size> is one of a range of 
possible values, e.g. 16x16, 32x32, scalable). Then, you must refer to 
that icon in the desktop file, see:


and the links in that section for some more details.

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