[maemo-developers] Maemo QA process

From: Roman Morawek lists at morawek.at
Date: Wed Jul 21 23:53:43 EEST 2010

I like to share my thoughts on the QA strategy of Maemo.

I am the owner of an N900 program and promoted my package to
extras-testing ca. 2 months ago. Right now there are only 2 votes on it.
I wonder how many more months it will take until 10 persons vote for it
such that I can promote it to extras (given that the votes are positive).

I already have a bunch of improvements ready since several weeks.
However, I do not dare to upload them because my package will start the
evaluation sequence then again from scratch. I think this is a big
disadvantage for the community, because the tool could already be much
better. Actually, I think in the early lifetime of a SW project there
will probably be a release every few months, which could permanently
block the tool's promotion to extras.

I personally see my program as very useful - well, otherwise I wouldn't
have spent the time for development. I assume that just nobody is aware
of it, since everybody just looks at the available programs in extras.
At least this is what I did to search for useful tools.

>From my perspective, the current QA process should be reconsidered.
Maybe an automatic promotion after 4 weeks would make sense, given its
actual package karma is positive?

Best regards,

P.S.: You are welcome to evaluate and vote on my package:
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