[maemo-developers] How to resolve network connectivity without using Qt Mobility in Qt?

From: Sascha Mäkelä sascha.makela at gmail.com
Date: Thu Jul 22 13:11:27 EEST 2010
> Just as a side-note - can we work on making at least the Ovi QA criteria
> public so that we do not get minefield issues like this one ? I understand
> Maemo5 is fairly new and small in the Ovi story, but it would greatly help
> if
> we could see the criteria - in the worst case, adapt to it without wasting
> any more time than necessary, and in the best case, working with Ovi/Nokia
> to
> improve the process to the benefit of all involved parties (seeing Nokians
> jump in this discussions helping clarify the issue is always a plus). As it
> is now, the Ovi publishing guide has a meager one-liner about publishing Qt
> apps and that one point to a (Maemo/MeeGo-wise) not too descriptive page on
> Forum Nokia. I would even attach my community stamp to this if needed -
> even
> though this is largely related to commercial apps, the question of QA (and
> through it any potential Extras-Ovi cooperation, as dreamy as that may
> sound)
> and general app availabilty is something that touches on the community as a
> whole.
> Best regards,
> Attila

I fully agree with this one. Currently the only why to find out what is
needed to pass the QA is simply to submit the app and wait for the reply of
all the issues. Then fix them and submit it again and find out of some
other requirements.  And so on...

This is a very slow process and is not benefiting anyone. I hope at least
this could be corrected as soon as possible.


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