[maemo-developers] Why should I write apps for Maemo?

From: Marcin Juszkiewicz marcin at juszkiewicz.com.pl
Date: Fri May 7 10:53:28 EEST 2010
Dnia czwartek, 6 maja 2010 o 18:27:34 Eero Tamminen napisał(a):

> ext Michael Cronenworth wrote:
> > At most, the SDK should have been released two weeks ahead of the final
> > release.
> Agree.

Let me write few words about my view on maemo development.

PR 1.2 introduced at least two nice things for developers to use:

- livesearch in libhildon lists (Contacts, Modest, HAM use it)
- Qt 4.6

But as those are not available for users developers do not use them or are 
writing own implementations of livesearch. I gave up on any Qt related 
programming because Qt 4.5 do not follow UI style and 4.6 is not available for 
users (just for remind: users do not use extras-devel).

I wonder what so hard is in making PR 1.1.2 release which will give Qt 4.6 as 
standard (rather none of nokia apps use it) with 1.1.3 following it with few 
other small updates. We have May now and first talks about releasing PR1.2 
were "next week" in February...

Currently my n900 runs that leaked image and so far I am fine with it. Apps 
which I use works, things from Extras mostly installs and works (nokia killed 
"upstart-job" package so good bye IM addons). I will probably update it a bit 
with few new components from local builds etc but that's me - I am not normal 

>  > -Is PR1.2 still going to be released?
> Definitely.

Will it happen before users (and more important: developers) will abandon 
platform or one month after?

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