[maemo-developers] business - quick break from coding

From: Felipe Crochik felipe at crochik.com
Date: Sat May 22 18:14:20 EEST 2010
This is probably the best place to talk about this once being a developer
most of the time also implies somehow "getting paid" to develop software.


I wanted the n900 because I wanted to fully control my phone but also
because I thought it could be a good platform to develop commercial (or at
least business) applications. I hope the second argument was not just some
fake reasoning I created to justify me buying it. :-) 


I imagine a lot of people on this list are somehow "sponsored" by nokia
(and/or other companies) trough sponsoring open source projects. I am
curious to know if there is anybody (or any software company) trying to use
the maemo/n900 platform to develop software to be sold to consumers and/or
companies. From time to time we see someone complaining about Ovi store not
selling applications but I haven't seen anything about software being
developed as some business solution. 


The openness of the platform, the flexibility and the great community around
it makes it, in my opinion, a good candidate for business oriented
applications. Of course, companies, especially medium and big ones, will
resist adopting a platform that is not "mass market" but smaller companies
with very unique needs probably won't have as much of a problem (if they
have some guarantee that the investment will not be wasted by the platform
being discontinued).


The Qt movement gives me even more hope because we can offer some more
"wiggle room" for companies by offering different devices. The meego
initiative could prove to make the platform even more interesting. 


I have some issues with Qt but the "code once run everywhere" is really
appealing to me. I have developed software for "target" platforms for too
long and, soon or later, you need/want to move to a different platform and
have to start over. I have used JAVA/C# for many solutions but still can't
buy that an "intermediary language"/generic can run as quick or as "native"
as native/machine code, especially on mobile devices with limited resources
and unique architectures. 




Now, back to coding.. 


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