[maemo-developers] Mobile Linux should have COMMUNITY governance

From: robert bauer nybauer at gmail.com
Date: Tue Aug 2 17:38:07 EEST 2011
Well, now it is made public, after a brief period of secrecy, that -
surprise! - MeeGo will refuse to host packages at meego.com from the
individual developers and open source community that were asked, for the
better part of a year to embrace and support Meego.  Yes, you heard that
right.  The sad situation was rather unofficially announced by lbt here:

Unfortunately, the problem has not been succinctly stated and rather vaguely
blamed on patents, so it is hard to address the possible solutions and
effect.  But the decision by LF seems to be a sucker punch to the kidneys of
small and individual developers.  I was reminded of a debate perpetuated not
long ago by those who had espoused the relative openness of MeeGo and
encouraged maemo developers to leave Maemo for MeeGo:

In keeping with its tradition of openness, talk.maemo.org served as the
forum for the debate, even including those who criticize the free-wheeling
nature of talk.maemo.org.  Like most of council, I largely stayed out of the
debate then.  But, in my opinion, the maemo p.o.v., the value of maemo and
the need for uncompromising openness was rather ably argued by woody14619

MeeGo will take mobile linux to new places and should be supported for
that.  But dare to say that leaving nothing but corporate run app stores is
an unnatural and unsustainable state of affairs for an open source project.
The proposed alternative site (apps.formeego.com) seems to be a
corporate-sponsored site from our own long lost friend, Nokia.

A maemo.org run by the community would never make such a decision as that
announced today.  To maemo and other mobile linux developers, to those of
you who support open source, those of you who have said maemo is dead, and
those of you who have accepted "free" N950s - think carefully, think twice,
and please continue to support maemo.org
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