[maemo-developers] Woodchuck: A Download Manager for Delay Tolerant Data

From: Neal H. Walfield neal at walfield.org
Date: Wed Aug 3 01:30:45 EEST 2011

I've recently released the first publically announced version of
Woodchuck, a download manager for delay tolerant data, such as blogs,
podcasts, email, social network updates, weather reports, and
calendaring data.  Woodchuck aims to save battery power, manage data
caps and hide spotty network coverage and high latency.  It does this
by monitoring network conditions and user behavior and, when
conditions are good, tells applications (starting them if necessary)
to perform an update.


Binary packages for the N900 are available:


Woodchuck requires application support.  To gain experience with the
API I've ported FeedingIt, an RSS reader:


I am currently finishing the port of gPodder, and plan to port a few
more applications to make sure the API is sound.

I'm sending this email for two reasons.  First, I'm looking for
feedback on the API (and the project in general).  Second, as
Woodchuck's effectiveness is proportional to the number of
applications that actually use it, I'd like to offer to help people
port their applications to use Woodchuck.  Extensive documentation of
the API, the glib-based C library, and the Python modules can be found



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