[maemo-developers] [ANN] gst-dsp 0.10.0 released

From: Felipe Contreras felipe.contreras at gmail.com
Date: Wed Dec 7 16:02:23 EET 2011

gst-dsp is a GStreamer plug-in to utilize Texas Intruments' DSP
algorithms for OMAP3 platforms using the tidspbridge driver.

It's time for another major release of gst-dsp.

The major feature is the implementation of parsers for H.263, H.264
and MPEG-4, which are needed for RTP communication. These have been
cooking for a long time, but they are finally cleaned up. Also,
support for dynamic framesize changes, thanks mostly to Marco
Ballesio. Also, properly latency reporting, which seems to help for
smooth streaming.

An important change is the introduction of a simple configure script.
So now you can do something like:

 DSP_API=0 ./configure

And never worry about setting DSP_API all the time. Of course, you can
keep using the old method (make DSP_API=0).

And many more subtle fixes and improvements, as usual.

The next branch already contains the work for 0.11.0, or maybe it will
be called 1.0! There's only a few things missing for 1.0 :)

You can download the tarball from the usual place:


Felipe Contreras (44):      base: trivial coverity fix      vpp:
documentation fixes      doc: add vpp      doc: add adec      doc:
generic updates      venc: trivial cleanup      parse: trivial
cleanups      Add get_bits utility      Initial framesize crop support
     parse: properly set crop framesize for H.264      parse: trivial
fix      Add parser test      jpegenc: fix regression for newer SN_API
versions      build: trivial cleanup      build: improve dependency
tracking      build: don't assume arm-linux-      build: split into
conf file      Add 'configure' script      Add emergency EOS
base: fix direction of param buffers      log: only send to stderr
pr_err()      Add extra checks for create_args() failures      base:
wait for events more properly      vdec: assume everybody likes 16x16
aligned stuff      base: trivial cleanups      vdec: trivial cleanup
   venc: guess intra-refresh based on mode      jpegenc: disable eos
timeout detection      Allow multiple calls to setcaps      parse: add
more H.264 parsing checks      parse: fix H.264 parsing for bitstream
format      get_bits: add show_bits function      Move codec_data to
base      Reorganize codec_data handling      vdec: trivial cleanups
   Calculate some same frame duration      base: calculate dynamic
frame duration more safely      parse: improve H.264 parser for
reusage      Keep track of when the stream has been parsed      parse:
avoid some error printing on H.264 checks      build: trivial
improvement      build: cleanup a bit      Update README      Add
default Makefile.conf
Mark Nauwelaerts (5):      parse: enhance H.263 parser to H.263++ (v3)
     parse: add H.264      tidsp: check for badly formatted extra-data
stream      parse: be less picky regarding some reserved value in
codec_data      Use default duration when appropriate
Marco Ballesio (4):      parse: add MPEG-4      base: add
pre-processing virtual method      tidsp: add H.264 parsing helper
 dspvdec: dynamically adapt to resolution changes
Elamparithi Shanmugam (2):      wmvdec: don't append startcode when it
exists      venc: height and width check for jpeg encder
Miguel Verdu (1):      base: support for latency query
Olivier Crête (1):      parse: handle H.263+ custom pixel aspect ratio
Felipe Contreras
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