[maemo-developers] promotion to extras

From: Neal H. Walfield neal at walfield.org
Date: Mon Dec 12 17:47:17 EET 2011

I'm afraid that extras is dying due to a lack of interest in testing

Last month, I uploaded some Woodchuck-related packages to
extras-devel.  I asked on #maemo a few times for people to test my
packages.  I asked on this mailing list.  And, I asked on
talk.maemo.org.  In the end, most of the testers were people who I
know personally and asked to do me a favor and vote for my package.  I
doubt that they actually tested it.  This is a waste of time: it
doesn't improve the quality of packages and my time could be better
spent working on my package.

There is one person who appears to test packages: Harald Schmidt.  He
has been designated a tester and appears to periodically check
extras-testing for new packages.

Given this, I propose that we use the following criteria for promoting
to extras:

 - 10 days incubation (unchanged)
 - maintainer + 1 designated "testers" (e.g., Harald Schmidt) thumbs up
   or maintainer + 3 non-testers



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