[maemo-developers] qt-components-blanco-theme in Extras-Devel is empty/missing files?

From: Thomas Perl th.perl at gmail.com
Date: Sat Jan 21 16:48:25 EET 2012

I'm currently looking into how well Qt Quick Components are supported
on Fremantle. The package "qt-quick-components" installs fine and
works, but without having a theme, the UI elements are not visible and
do not work. Installing "qt-components-blanco-theme" should apparently
fix this issue, but it doesn't contain many files:

~ $ dpkg -L qt-components-blanco-theme

Taking the /usr/share/themes/blanco/meegotouch folder from a Harmattan
device or from a Platform SDK (Scratchbox) install makes my Qt
Components-based application work (apart from some rotation/landscape
issues, but this is not a theme problem AIUI). Is this just a
packaging error or are there some licensing problems with the blanco
theme? Having a look at the source package of "qt-components-themes"
(from Extras-Devel), I can't find a debian/copyright file, but the
package contains a LICENSE.LGPL file, talking about the "DirectUI
Framework" being available under the terms of the LGPL v 2.1, but
nothing about the theme itself.

What is the license of the "blanco" theme, and (if it's closed), is
there an easy way to provide Fremantle users with the theme (apart
from telling them to download the Harmattan SDK and extract the theme
files themselves)?

The packages mentioned can be found here, btw:

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