[maemo-developers] replacement for bluetooth-sysinfo (and plans for libcal and wl1251-cal)

From: Jonathan Wilson jfwfreo at tpgi.com.au
Date: Sun Jul 29 15:13:14 EEST 2012
I have written a package I call bt-cal which is a replacement for 
bluetooth-sysinfo as a way to read the bluetooth MAC address from CAL and 
send it to the bluetooth driver.

Source is available here:
To compile you need libcal-dev installed.

No .deb file posted because its not intended for people to install this, 
its intended for this to be used for CSSU. The ultimate aim is that someone 
will modify this and make it talk to something more standard than the 
/sys/devices/platform/hci_h4p/hwaddr that it talks to now (allowing the 
non-standard interface to be removed from kernel-power/kernel-cssu/whatever)

The next thing I will work on is a clone of wl1251-cal to grab the MAC 
address and NVS from the CAL and send it to the WiFi chip. (with the aim 
being to allow the elimination of the non-standard netlink stuff) I will 
also work on a clone of libcal to allow replacement of that component too.

This work is also of value for Meego/Mer/Nemo/etc as a way of eliminating 
the dependance on the proprietary libcal, wl1251-cal and sysinfo package 
(sysinfo packages on Meego/Mer/Nemo contain the bluetooth MAC address script)

None of this work is aimed at the N9 or N950 as I do not own either device.
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