[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Nokia 770 US Version, 802.11b only?!

From: Neil Cherry ncherry at comcast.net
Date: Wed Aug 10 18:40:14 EEST 2005
Florian Boor wrote:

> Hello,
> John B. Holmblad wrote:
>>in my opinion it would be a big mistake on Nokia's part to support only
>>802.11b and not 802.11g as well. Also the 770 would have to support, at
> apart from the fact that in my opinion this is a bug of the website i don't
> think 802.11b would be a major drawback. These standards are backward compatible
> and even 802.11b is faster than you usually need on a device like the 770.

Dang! No 802.11x how am I going to be able to play real times games
in a frag fest? ;-)

I do have one question, it is my understanding that in an 802.11
b/g environment that the presence of a 802.11b only device causes
everything to fall back to 802.11b. Is this correct?

It may be a slight concern.

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