[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Nokia 770 US Version, 802.11b only?!

From: Nathan Turnage pixelnate at gmail.com
Date: Wed Aug 10 18:36:06 EEST 2005
>  in my opinion it would be a big mistake on Nokia's part to support 
> only 802.11b and not 802.11g as well. Also the 770 would have to 
> support, at a minimum,  Wireless Protected Access (WPA) if not 
> WPA2/802.11i  in order for the 770 to be viable in the market given 
> the well known exploits against the older Wired Equivalent Privacy 
> (WEP) security standard.

I wholeheartedly agree. It must support WPA, and 802g would be a major 
selling point. No other PDA can do that right now. With the computer 
stores pushing 802.11n and WiMax being the buzzword right now, 802.11b 
seems so antiquated by comparison.

As a current Tapwave Zodiac user with the SanDisk 802.11b wireless SD 
card, and there are many with equivalent setups, there isn't a very 
compelling reason to make the switch to the 770. The zodiac has a 
216Mhz processor, a dedicated video processor, and has 128Mb onboard 
memory. The Nokia 770 doesn't compare well to the current Palms when 
looking at hardware specs. One way that Nokia can set the device apart 
is to include the faster networking technology. No current Palms or 
PPCs have 802.11g built in.

My $.02
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