[maemo-users] [maemo-users] USB Storage?

From: Mark Krueger mk500 at cthub.com
Date: Thu Dec 1 01:22:26 EET 2005
I bought this rechargeable battery equipped USB 2.0 hub with this 
purpose in mind:


I also bought this mini-usb to normal-usb adapter to connect it to the 770:


My thought was to try it all out, and see what devices (keyboards, iPod, 
  USB Storage, etc) I could get to work. If it worked well, I could 
solder a longer cable onto the hub with the mini-usb connector.

Unfortunately, the 770 appears to be vaporware in the US, so I may never 
get to try it out. (quoted delivery date of 18th of November on my 
order, now the word is sometime in January) I'll probably cancel soon 
out of frustration.

I thought Nokia was a professional company, but I've never seen 
misquoted delivery dates with zero customer communication like this -- 
I've received all of ONE email from them (order confirmation). Do they 
honestly expect customers to silently wait months to take delivery of 
their product, with no communication at all? Sorry for the OT; I'm just 

Mark Krueger

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