[maemo-users] [maemo-users] anyone made a custom input method?

From: Marcelo Oliveira handful at gmail.com
Date: Thu Dec 1 20:17:26 EET 2005
Hi joseph,

You mean creating an alternative to the handwriting recognition also?
something like palm's graffite ?
Or go for something newer like the dasher etc?


Marcelo Oliveira

On 12/1/05, Joseph J. Strout <joe at strout.net> wrote:
> Total newbie here, so please speak slowly and use small words.
> I'd like to make (or somehow con someone else into making) a custom
> input method for the 770 based on HexInput
> <http://www.strout.net/info/ideas/hexinput.html>.  From what I've
> read in the archives, this ought to be possible.  But I'm a Mac
> developer, not a Linux one, and I'm pretty clueless about where to
> begin.
> Has anyone here made a custom input method for the 770 yet?  Or know
> anyone who has?  Even a simple demo, like something that draws a box
> and enters "A" when you stroke to the left and "B" when you stroke to
> the right, would be all I need to get started.  Barring that, I'll
> take pointers to the relevant docs, or even vague words of
> encouragement...
> I firmly believe that with the right approach and a little practice,
> text input on a pen-based device can be as fast as with a keyboard.
> But the virtual keyboard included by default with the 770 (and with
> all PDAs) isn't the right approach.  Help me fix that, and we'll have
> people using the 770 instead of their laptops for almost everything!
> Thanks,
> - Joe
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