[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Problems pairing Sprint Treo 650 w/Nokia 770

From: Michael Eskin eskin at cox.net
Date: Tue Dec 6 17:25:41 EET 2005
Has anyone successfully used BT DUN with a Nokia 770 Internet Tablet and
a Sprint branded Treo 650?

I realize that its pretty early in the game for the new Nokia 770, but
I've been completely unsuccessful in being able to pair my Sprint
branded Treo 650 with the 770 for DUN. I've enabled Bluetooth, made it
discoverable, and enable DUN on the 650, and the 770 is able to find the
device and start the pairing authentication, but after that I get an
immediate disconnect and the Treo 650 is no longer available as a
network connection on the 770. I've tried the usual resetting of both
devices, turning Bluetooth off/on, DUN off/on, etc. but no joy. I've
also had many times where the authentication times out, have to try
several times even before getting a successful pairing.

If not the Treo 650, anyone else with a Sprint BT enabled phone been
able to pair these two devices?

Ah, the joys of being an early adopter...

Any suggestions highly appreciated.

Cheers and thanks,


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