[maemo-users] [maemo-users] RE: Home networking with Nokia 770

From: Peter Heitman peter at heitman.us
Date: Tue Dec 13 15:13:57 EET 2005
> Hi,
> I've been unsuccessful at getting this device to work with my functional 
> home network using a Linksys wireless access point.
> I configured the Nokia device in exactly the same way I did my Windows PCs. 
> I specified infrastructure mode, and, using the "Advanced " option, a 
> 10.0.0.x IP address, subnet mask; gateway address, DNS addresses, etc., as 
> well as the same (HEX - 26 characters) 128 bit WEP key that I use with my 
> other PCs.
> When I try to connect to a Web site, I get a "Network Problem" error 
> message.
> I called Nokia technical support, but the tech person was clueless (but 
> tried to be helpful).
> What things should I try ?
> What information should I provide to help you troubleshoot this problem ?
> Thanks,
> Howard 

The first thing I'd try is to connect to the Linksys AP directly. What is it's address? I would expect something like Type and see if that works. If it does then the WEP key is okay but the gateway, subnet mask or dns addresses are wrong. What are the exact values you have for those?


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