[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Bluetooth Internet Connection Sharing

From: Nathan Davenport nfdavenport at yahoo.com
Date: Thu Dec 15 05:27:53 EET 2005
Howdy.  I just got my 770 today and I am having trouble getting it online.
 Here at work they won't let me setup a wifi AP, so I have to use
bluetooth.  I bought a bluetooth dongle and installed it and it's software
on my *cough* Windows *cough* PC.  I can get connected just fine, but
cannot get connected for internet access.  Has anyone done this
successfully in windows with a BT dongle?  This is what I have done so

When the 770 connects it says, "Selected phone does not support dial-up
networking...".  The bluetooth drivers have a Dial Up Networking setup,
but it wont enable because I don't have a modem. I don't think this is DUN
the 770 is looking for.  

There is also an option for "Network Access: Allow remote Bluetooth
devices to eithe share this computer network connection... or setup a
private network."  This option has a configure button that allows me to
choose to allow other devices to access the internet on the window that
pops up.  This window has a option to configure connection sharing, which
I have done for the primary connection.

That's about it.  The only thing I could find about DUN on the wiki was
specifically for phones.  The one thing I found about connecting to a PC
was for linux only.  I may be able to setup a box eventually, but not
soon.  A rogue hotspot would just get me canned.

Any thoughts?  Thanks!

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