[maemo-users] [maemo-users] streaming video?

From: Philippe Duperron philippe at duperron.net
Date: Thu Dec 15 19:20:34 EET 2005
> > and http://maemo.org/maemowiki/VideoEncoding

About this page I have some remarks and questions :

- The vertical and horizontal resolutions must be multiples of 16.
This is maybe the most important rule (yes, it is written on the page
but not very visible).

- Video at 15 fps is awfull. It is much more comfortable to reduce the
resolution and to keep the original frame rate. I have good results
with resolutions such as 288x160 @ 25 fps with a video bitrate of 500

- There is no need to try to make the resolution fit the screen aspect
ratio. The player zooms without deformation and adds black bands when

- I always get A/V desync when using the provided mencoder command
line. Currently I ever have to not touch the audio stream (-oac copy)
or to do a 2 pass encoding in order to get a file with correct
synchronization, but I am definitly not an expert of transcoding.

- the player is very slow to start "big" avi files (more than 1 minute
to open a 450 MB file). Next time I will try avisplit to only watch
the film in chunks of ~30 MB.

- Sometimes when I plug my headset the device reboots. If I boot with
the headset plugged I can plug/unplug without problem. If this a known
issue ?

Philippe Duperron <philippe at duperron.net>

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