[maemo-users] [maemo-users] email application "Error occurred"

From: Dirk-Jan.Binnema at nokia.com Dirk-Jan.Binnema at nokia.com
Date: Fri Dec 16 14:54:50 EET 2005
Hi Erik,

> The email application worked fine (well, it worked) for me
> yesterday. Today it dies with "Error occurred" as soon as it needs to
> check email.   
> If I empty my mailbox, it works, but as soon as there is a mail in it,
> this happens. 
> Has anyone else seen this? Anyone know why this happens? 

We're looking into this... 

> Will the source code to the email app be released? I started to try to
> port sylpheed to maemo yesterday and it definitely seems to be possible,
> but I'd rather solve the problem in the real email app instead! 

(use guest/guest to log in)

There's hard work going on in the code, so I hope we can fix
these problems in the forthcoming releases.

Best wishes,
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