[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Re: streaming video?

From: Nathan Davenport nfdavenport at yahoo.com
Date: Sun Dec 18 00:33:20 EET 2005
Follow-up.  Well, I made it work.  First I finally got the 'Real' version of the server.  I don't know if it was much different, but it did have docs that made some sense.  Anyway, got the server up and streaming realtime (5 second delay).  Then after streaming just audio to the 770 I suddenly got a single still frame of video.  Obviously the bitrate was too high.  I had read on the wiki to try and keep it under 128kbs but  lowering the resolution in Real producer didn't accomplish this.  Once I got the bit rate down, I was able to get streamed audio and video working just fine.  

Pretty cool.  Soon the monsters (4,3,1 year old girls) won't be able to play hardly anywhere without Big Brother(Daddy) watching.  With some archiving we can probably work out some Instant Replay dispute resolution as well.

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