[maemo-users] [maemo-users] two mailboxes?

From: René Seindal rene at seindal.dk
Date: Sun Dec 18 11:58:38 EET 2005
Brad Midgley wrote (18-12-2005 04:16):
> Hi
> I created two mailboxes on my 770 but can't figure out how to switch to
> reading the second one. I noticed the send/receive action appears to use
> the default mailbox but I'm not totally sure since I have never seen the
> contents of the other mailbox.

Hi Brad,

I had the same problem initially.  There is no way to switch and no need 
to.  The folders are shared for all mailboxes, and the messages are 
mixed, even though the email application knows which mailbox any given 
message came from.

There are quite a few problems with the email application, but luckily 
Nokia is listening and looking into it.  I have written about my 
personal grievances here: http://linux.seindal.dk/item94.html

René Seindal (rene at seindal.dk)

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