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From: Stefano Delli Ponti stefano.delliponti at gmail.com
Date: Thu Dec 15 11:15:27 EET 2005
On 12/14/05, Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri <barbieri at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 12/14/05, Stefano Delli Ponti <stefano.delliponti at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > Hi Gustavo,
> >
> > I do think that support for this is needed.
> > Together with some control panel option to set a swap file on MMC (plus
> > some machinery to swapon/swappoff on insertion/extraction of MMC).
> >
> > I have done this the dirty way (deleted the noexec in /etc/fstab and
> > swap(ed)on /media/mmc1/swapfile) but we need a comfortable way to set
> > these configurations and an installer that gives you the possibility to
> > install on MMC.
> I don't get it, how swap is related to installing software on extra
> storage?

Sorry, I have not been clear enough.
My concerns are mostly related to lack of system resources: flash memory for
the filesystem and ram.
I was pointing to the two problems together and to some hypothesis for the
I know you meant to talk in a specific way (and in a broader sense) about
software installation on different storage media.

Anyway, It is possible to install software on the MMC.
A clean and easy way to do this is IMHO necessary.


Try the swapfile, it makes this tiny wonderful device a lot more powerful.

Also, I want to install software not only on MMC, but on network
> shares and have them visible automatically. Imagine that I want my
> "program-that-I-just-use-at-home" to be on a NFS/SMB share at home, so
> when I connect it will be available. When I'm at work, it'll just
> vanish and no space is wasted.
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