[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Getting started with Maemo SDK

From: Jani Puttonen janput at cc.jyu.fi
Date: Fri Dec 23 12:29:26 EET 2005
Hi everybody.

I'm new to Maemo SDK, but very interested to start developing programs to
this Linux based platform. But, I run into one problem right in the start.

I installed the SDK 1.1rc5 with the installer script from Maemo
repository. Everything went without problems. I can start scratchbox with
root and log into it with my username. Also, I can start the xephyr window
manager by running "xhost +" outside sbox. But when I start Maemo with
"af-sb-init.sh start" I get several "Permission denied" errors.

When I look at my sbox home directory
(scratchbox/users/MyUserName/home/MyUserName/), all the files are owned by
root:root. Therefore I cannot even compile any example files from maemo
tutorial. For example the maemo_hello compilation fails when trying to
create the executable binary (the compilation is done in my sbox home
directory). Using fakeroot is not helping and root account is not usable.

Does anybody have an idea about this? Shouldn't my sbox home directory be
mine and mine only? Has something went wrong in the installation of the
SDK? Would it be better to install it from the actual packages, not using
the installer script? I might be in the wrong track alltogether, even
though I read the maemo tutorial.

Merry Christmas everybody.


Jani Puttonen
University of Jyväskylä
Email: janput at cc.jyu.fi

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