[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Xvnc and maemo

From: Asko Kauppi askok at dnainternet.net
Date: Thu Jun 2 18:50:56 EEST 2005
Since this (or rather, Xnest/Xephyr) has been on the list a fair  
deal, here's my recipe for running Maemo UI over VNC.   The benefits?  
No worries about bitdepths, for example..

First, on host Linux:

     - Install Xvnc and vncviewer ("apt-get install xvncviewer")
     - Start them:

     Xvnc -geometry 800x480 -dpi 96 -ac :68 -depth 16 &
     (sleep 2)
     vncviewer :68 &

Xvnc starts an X server (or is it client?) that Maemo output will go.  
And it provides that output to any VNC viewers that care to listen  
(yes, you can have multiple).

:68 is just a random digit (choose your favorite)
-dpi 96 seems to work (no idea, why the 'right' value would not)

Then, within Scratchbox:

     export DISPLAY=localhost:68
     af-sb-init.sh start

That should do it?  I do have also some other stuff, but that  
shouldn't matter..?

If you want to run Maemo from, say, OS X (or even Pocket PC? ;) just  
open a connection to (your Lnux host's IP, use 'ifconfig'  
to see it).  This _has_ worked for me, but now did not.  Might be a  
firewall issue or something?

Good luck! :)

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