[maemo-users] [maemo-users] N770 - First experiences (once again)

From: Laurent Lieben laurent.lieben at gmail.com
Date: Thu Oct 20 19:00:33 EEST 2005
Thanks Jan for your impressions regarding the N770.

I've just received mine this morning, since UPS tried to deliver it  
to my home adress, so i had to change the adress for my office one.

I am a zaurus user at first, so i use embedded linux for quite a long  
time now, and i used to released hacker kernel for these devices.

1/ Ordering was neat too, that's the standard Nokia ordering way.  

2/ The retail package is great, and i was also disappointed not to  
find a developper CD or documentation. anyway, everything is on  
maemo.org :)

3/ there is no WLAN around here, so i'll test later in my house. The  
UI is great, that's sure, as a zaurus user, i swear that using X is  
far away a good solution than using Qtopia. I'm moreover very, and  
happily surprised to see that the device is quite fast, i was a  
little bit afraid of the speed thing because of Matchbox.

4/ Connection on my iBook was done with a glitch, just plug and put  
some mp3, deb files unmount unplug and go :)

5/ i charged the battery around 9:30 put the device in no networking  
mode since i couldn't use it yet. it's 18:00 here, and i used it a  
little bit (thank for gpe-todo) maybe 1hour now, and the battery is  
still showing 100%

6/ it seems that there is a bug in the virtual keyboard, since once i  
select Cut / i couldn't Paste after, the menu doesn't want to come  
alive again (i only tried this inside gpe-todo)

7/ My first impressions seems to be very happy with the device, the  
OMAP CPU looks fast, compared to the PXA270 in my zaurus. The lack of  
keyboard is not a problem since the huge screen enable a very  
practical and big virtual keyboard.i had a few issues when many  
applications where opened, some of them tends to be insensitive or  
very slow. but the 2.6.12 kernel handles all the threading very well  
IMHO, better than the zaurus 's 2.4.18 Kernel.

Now i'll use this device more and more, and find a way to start  
hacking it a little bit more.

Congratulations Nokia for the Hardware, Congratulations Maemo for the  

Laurent L.

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