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Date: Thu Oct 20 19:13:22 EEST 2005
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Thanks Jan!

Quoting Jan Wildeboer <jan.wildeboer at gmx.de>:

> Hi all,
> as I am one of th e"lucky" 500 I would like to share my first
> experiences with the N770. Be careful, this is just a raw collection
> jotted down without really much thinking.
> OK, so off we go :-)
> 1. Ordering was as easy as 1-2-3. After I got my promotion code, I went
> to the online store. Everything went as expected and ofcourse I ordered
> express delivery, dammit - I waited long enough ;-)
> 2. Finally it arrived. First impression: This is a normal retail package
> of a productr in regular production. There was nothing special included.
>   I was thinking there would be some CD enclosed with the maemo
> development environment or a CD with some developers documentation, but
> nothing was to be found.
> 3. Connecting to the WLAN was simple, it listed all available networks,
> asked me for the WEP-Key and I was online.
> 4. Browsing was a no-brainer, the screen *is* awesome. But surfing to
> http://wetter.de showed the first problem. The N770 ran out of memory. I
> guess that is due to the many little flash stuff on that site (select
> munich as a city and something like 20 flash movies are loaded).
> 5. Network connection has its little problems. While scanning for
> networks (the little Search ... window is active) you can already click
> on one of the found networks. If you do that however, it won't connect.
> You *must* wait for the "search" window to disappear before you select a
> network to connect to.
> 6. Connecting to the Laptop. I am running a Fedora Core 4 Laptop (IBM
> X31 to be precise). After I connected the N770 to USB I tailed
> /var/log/messages on the laptop - nothing. Im mean really nothing. Seems
> you must send some sort of Wake-Up Signal via USB.
> 7. Battery time. Too early to say something. I will cycle the battery a
> few times. Right now it lasts some 3 hours (as promised).
> 8. Handling. A neat desktop stand is included, but the N770 is too close
> to th edesktop. When you try to connect the USB-cable and then put it in
> the stand it doesn't fit. Let's hope for cool cradles that also charge
> the N770.
> 9. Bluetooth. Worked with my Nokia6310. However, it is not of great use.
> I cannot sync my address-book with the N770. I am waiting for the GPE
> address book, maybe that will help.
> 10. Overall impression. It works. But it is not really complete IMHO.
> The RAM ist too small. It is quite slow sometimes. But it is for sure a
> perfect must-have for any geek out there.
> Waiting for comments,
> Jan Wildeboer
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