[maemo-users] [maemo-users] First use impressions (follow-up)

From: Tom Rathbone tom.rathbone at gmail.com
Date: Fri Oct 21 03:03:50 EEST 2005
Ok, so following on from my last post..

I've now tried the device with my home network and it seems to work
much better.  However I have found it has crashed a few times when
configuring / trying to configure WLAN access (others have reported
issues too).  I deleted all connections and started over and then
things went smoothly.

The browser is superb, truly.  This is the first handheld portable
device I've seen that is a truly viable browser, a combination of the
excellent fonts, opera and the superb screen.  The 800 pixel width is
the clincher,  site such as news.bbc.co.uk which are optimised for a
800 pixel width look incredible.  I've already successfully checked
and written emails using my gmail account, checked out my favorite
news sites and order 4 large pizzas.. things that were just too
tedious with other handhelds, even the hx4700.  The other big app on
the 770 is the mail client, unfortunately I no longer use any POP3 or
IMAP mail accounts so I'd be keen to hear from others how they've
found it.

Besides the frequent crashes/resets when messing with the WLAN
settings I've noticed a couple or other small bugs i.e. the signal
strength being reported as low and never changing. The first sound
(click or tap) after power up seems to ignore the current volume
setting and plays with full volume, subsequent taps are at the correct
level.  Another issue is the layout of text on web pages when zooming,
sometimes text can start to overlap when scaled up, it starts with
spaces seeming to disappear and as you zoom more the text can overlap.
 That said the zooming and scrolling of pages is very intuitive and
responsive provided the page doesn't have too much Flash (I'd love to
know how to turn embedded Flash objects off or set them as click to

Despite the issues i've mentioned the software feels reasonably
mature. If I had to compare it to some other project I'd say it was
similar to the 0.8/0.9 releases of Firefox compared with the 1.0
release.  Feature full and awaiting the final polish that will endear
it to everyday users.  Certainly it is no more problematic than any of
the WinCE products I have tried and is far more pleasurable to use. 
The always present notification area and window list allow users to
always know what is running and what the current state of the device

The only third party application I've installed so far is an X
Terminal. The install was simple, just plug the device into the PC,
the 770 unmounts the flash card and the PC mounts it, transfer the
files and remove from the PC, finally browse to the .deb package on
the memory card using the application installer and follow the simple
steps.  Using the terminal and by running "uname -a" I verified that
the kernel on the machine is version built on 5th

To summarise this is a refreshingly different device and what it does
do it does extremely well.  If you fancy a portable device for
browsing the web then this is it.  Hopefully, anytime soon, the now
quite quiet maemo.org should spring into life with a variety of
community developed applications and the 770 can lead the way to a new
generation of portable appliance.


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