[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Wrong labels and no apps

From: Jean-Eric Cuendet jec at rptec.ch
Date: Fri Oct 21 17:06:26 EEST 2005
I was successful in installing Scratchbox and Maemo Dev + Xephyr
Now I have a window looking like a 770 but without apps...
I have only "Control Panel" app (with only "Install app").
Moreover, the labels are wrong all over the device. It seems to use the 
tag instead of the text. For example, I have ctrp_ap_control_panel 
instead of "Control Panel".

Any idea?

Jean-Eric Cuendet
Riskpro Technologies SA
Av du 14 avril 1b, 1020 Renens Switzerland
Web       : http://www.rptec.ch
Direct    : +41 21 637 0123
Principal : +41 21 637 0110
Fax       : +41 21 637 0111
Perso     : http://www.cuendet.biz

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