[maemo-users] [maemo-users] First use impressions (follow-up)

From: Tom Rathbone tom.rathbone at gmail.com
Date: Fri Oct 21 17:59:52 EEST 2005
On 10/21/05, John B. Holmblad <xxxxxxx at xxx.xxx> wrote:
>  Tom,
>  how long does the battery last with the 802.11 turned on? I have a Dell
> Axim X5 and when I leave the wireless enabled while on battery power, it
> drains the battery rather quickly. Does the N770 802.11 interface support a
> reduced power output, battery conserving option?
>  I've read the N770 user guide posted on the Nokia but it leaves me with
> more questions than answers.
>  Among these questions are the following:
> Q1. Is the bluetooth interface flexible enough that it could accommodate a
> bluetooth compatible headset from, say Motorola?
>  Here is the url to an article on the latest version of that headset:
> http://www.mobilemag.com/content/100/342/C2284/
>  Q2. s the USB interface flexible enough that it could support two-factor
> authentication devices such as that from Authenex?
>  Here is the url to the Authenex product:
>            http://www.authenex.com
>  Q3. Does the N770 have sufficient memory to run the Mozilla Thunderbird
> mail client?
>  There is a Vancouver, BC company, Counterpath,  producing SIP compliant
> softphone software for the Microsoft, Apple, and Linux OS's.
>        http://www.counterpath.com/index.php?menu=download
>  I have not tested this product but I did test a similar product from a now
> demised company, Telsym that had a nice softphone for the Pocket PC OS. That
> product worked with a service from  Ecuity,
> http://www.ecuity.net/business/vtone/smartcall/
>  Ecuity has modified their Smartcall service to work with the SIP  softphone
> from Counterpath.
>  Best Regards,
> John Holmblad
> Televerage International

Hi John,

Disclaimer, I don't work for Nokia and haven't had my hands on the 770
for long enough to truely investigate many of these points but..

I really haven't had a chance to try out the bluetooth features.  I
know that the device supports many of the standard bluetooth profiles
(File Transfer, Dial-up Networking, Generic Access, Serial Port and
SIM Access for sure) so I'd imagine if it does support headsets it
will work with other manufacturers headsets provided they too
conformed to the standard profiles.  That said I've not heard of
anyone using a headset with it.  Other people have added further
profiles, i.e. keyboard/HID, so adding a headset profile should be
possible.  The device isn't a phone though and until the 2006 release
of the software wont be capable of VoIP calls so I'm not sure what
good attaching a headset would do at the moment.

The USB port is a device port (with mini-b form factor) and not a host
port so I doubt very much whether it would be able to support a device
such as the Authenex.  There is a way to get the port into a host mode
but it provides no power meaning you'd need a powered device or a
modified hub and you'd still be left wondering how to fit a USB A
socket into a USB mini-B socket.

The device has 64MB of ram so it probably could run Thunderbird but
I've not heard of anyone trying this yet.

Hope this has helped,


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