[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Wrong labels and no apps

From: Jean-Eric Cuendet jec at rptec.ch
Date: Mon Oct 24 10:55:25 EEST 2005
> 1) normal - maemo doesn't come with any app at all

AhAh... So no Opera, no fancy apps, ... :-(
OK, the basic thing, GUI, desktop, WM

> 2) the "desktop" looks correctly? if not, try setting
> BPP of your system to 16 bpp

Yes, it's OK. I'm able to run external apps (plucker, gpe-contacts, ...)

> 3) try setting your locale. I dont remember how to do
> it, but you have to set your locate do en_GB

OK, Thanks. This one was solved.
   export LANGUAGE=en_GB (and not export LANG=en_GB)

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