[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Will there be minor-updates of the production

From: DW_PUB1 pub1 at dwgmbh.de
Date: Mon Oct 31 09:49:07 EET 2005
Hi together,

I'm also a happy new user of that device, but a few problems exist:

>However I wonder wether there will be minor-version updates, the
>device is stable but the maemo-interface is, well, quite buggy:

I've experienced some severe problems with the WLAN interface.
Sometimes one needs some retrys until a WLAN connection is established
(especially if you use WPA).

With my DSL router called "FritzBox Fon WLAN" I could connect, but
there is no way to send data. The 770 gets an IP address but no data
transfer works. If I ping the 770 form outside I can see that the 770
receives data (the rx counter goes up) but no reply data goes out (the
tx counter remains at 0). Sometimes at the connection start there will
be sent around 60 bytes, but that was it.

This is not so good because the FritzBox is used by lots of people in
My Fritz box works fine with all other devices. On the other hand I've
tested the 770 with several AccessPoints and routers and it works, too.
But this special combination does not work.

Anyone an idea why the 770 only receives data and cannot send? Or how
could I approach to locate this bug?
@nokia: are there quick fixes planned regarding the different WLAN

Thanks for help and regards


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