[maemo-users] OT: mp3.com & indie stuff to feed 770's audio player WAS: RE: [maemo-users] Opensource software for Itunes

From: Karoliina.T.Salminen at nokia.com Karoliina.T.Salminen at nokia.com
Date: Tue Sep 13 18:08:51 EEST 2005
 > On the other hand, since the leader of this effort, Michael Robertson
has been down this "road" (that is, going against the music  > copyright
owners interests) before, with another  company he established, mp3.com,

This is maybe a bit off-topic to your comment/question (sorry for thread
(other than that the excellent Nokia 770 device can of course be used
with indie music providers, and the commercial
providers aren't all music that is available out there in the Internet -
e.g. 770 can stream nicely from e.g. http://www.ampcast.com e.g.
my music (and it does not cost anything)), but I would like to correct
one detail in your comment because you forgot the indie artists:
I (for example among other numerous indie artists) had my music in
mp3.com as long as it existed
and Michael Robertson or mp3.com was never with that against copyright
owner's interests (as I am the copyright owner
for my music which is released under Creative Commons license). 
After the closure of mp3.com I had to move to ampcast.com completely
(where my (free) music still is).
I tend nowadays listen to indie music a lot more than commercial music.
Back some years ago I got bored to the
commercial music available (I especially love the old style of
Jean-Michel Jarre, and that is not available commercially from other
than the master himself and the selection is a bit limited) 
and then I looked elsewhere and have been quite happy ever since about
it - actually that was the innovator for me starting to do music on that
style on myself too, to fullfil the gap and help people that want more
and more Oxygene/Equinoxe :). Actually the previous
CDs I have purchased have been quite exclusively Indie CDs from e.g.
ampcast.com or the ex-mp3.com
and by following many indie artists I never run out of fresh music to
place on the memory card of the 770 (I am using currently
256 MB cards, but planning to go for 1 GB cards as soon as they become
available). When applying patches, listening
to Triple Tuned for example is quite inspiring high quality trance-genre
keeps heart beat up enough :). Ah well, actually last Christmas
I purchased one commercial CD for my partner as a Christmas present (in
addition to the Jarre's Aero which is a must-DVD
for any fan into that style btw). As our surprise it did not work in
neither of our DVD players (actually we have three in addition to the
N+1 DVD drives on N+1 computer but the third standalone player is
broken), it had some weird copy protection and it did not work with our
Sony DVD 
player which is a pretty funny since the protection was developed
by Sony... I could rant more about this in my blog anyway, better to
stop now on this forum, as I said, is a bit unrelated...
Best Regards,
Karoliina Salminen

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