[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Constant crashing

From: Shivkumar Chandrasekaran shiv at ece.ucsb.edu
Date: Fri Dec 1 01:07:08 EET 2006

I am wondering if anybody else is having this problem. My 770 constantly 
becomes dead. I just have to leave it aside for a few hours. When I come 
back it refuses to respond. I even tried to leave it plugged in for 
several hours thinking the battery had died. The only way to reboot it 
was to take out the battery for a few seconds. The next time it died I 
had it still plugged in to the electrical outlet! Again I had to remove 
the battery for a few seconds.

I suppose it could be an application. The only one I run on a regular 
basis is the GPE Calendar app. I know this app is quite flaky. It always 
crashes the first time I start it up (after the machine has slept)! But 
the calendar is my main use of the 770.

Any info will be appreciated. Thanks,


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