[maemo-users] [maemo-users] 770 on the way

From: Ted Zlatanov tzz at bu.edu
Date: Fri Dec 1 19:15:55 EET 2006
On 30 Nov 2006, atmasphere at atmasphere.net wrote:

> Features I'd like to see are
> • better memory swap - no browser quits

More memory is always good, period.  I would gladly pay for 1 GB
memory!  The option to do so should at least be available.  I know the
CPU in the 770 can't do more than 128 MB according to the specs, but
perhaps there's a newer and faster one that would work.  The current
swap situation is a real problem.

I miss GEOS :) In 1 MB RAM they fit a full GUI environment, including
a nice DTP system, spreadsheet, database, games, etc.  I bought the
first Nokia 9000 communicator that ran GEOS when it was available in
the USA, and I keep wondering what could have happened if that
platform had taken off.  In case anyone is curious about how they did
it: all the system libraries were implemented in object-oriented
assembler, heh.  They seem to be gone now.

The Maemo developers may find this interesting, from

"4. Technically speaking, what was the strongest point of GEOS at the time?

Adam de Boor: GEOS had two major strengths, technically speaking:

1. it was highly, highly optimized

2. so much of what an application needed to do was already implemented
   as object classes in the system, with a nice model/view/controller
   mechanism to allow you to incorporate the classes into your apps.

We often pointed out that GeoWrite, which could do a number of things
in 1990 that Word only got to in 2000, was only 150K, and about half
of that was precompiled object instances. What we didn't say was there
was another 500K of code in the system that implemented most of the
functionality. GeoWrite itself was primarily a document manager and UI
resource. "

> • a slightly faster processor never hurts

Ditto, see above.


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