[maemo-users] [maemo-users] N770 Wifi subsystem, drivers and applets

From: Paule Ecimovic paule at certrex.net
Date: Sun Dec 3 03:53:35 EET 2006
Hi all,

    After finally flashing my N770 with the latest revision of ITOS 2006, I 
was able to connect to my Linksys WIFI internet router with the same 
touch-and-go reliability I had experienced with ITOS 2005, which is much 
better than the no connectivity at all I experienced with the first ITOS 
2006 that became available.
    That said, could someone point me to documents describing the WIFI 
hardware subsystem of the N770 and the driver support for it built into the 
current revision of ITOS 2006, because it seems that the WIFI circuits need 
quite some time after power up and initial program load to start accepting 
DCHP IP addresses from every open (not password protected) WIFI internet 
router with which I have used my N770.  I wonder what is causing this long 
delay in accepting dynamically-assigned IP addresses without responding with 
local loop-back IP addresses instead. In other words,  would this happen if 
I were using a USB WIFI dongle with suitable drivers written for and 
installed in ITOS 2006 as kernel modules?
    Another related question is why isn't one wifi connection always on and 
spawned when ITOS 2006 loads in such a way that all programs requiring 
internet access can detect this open connection and use it?"

T.I.A. and


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